Withings Health & Apple watch


I was asked to work on the Apple Watch before launch to provide a watchOS version of Withings Health on the app store.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Which better way to start a measure than a single tap on your screen watch?

Ready to take your blood pressure

Simply slip on the cuff, turn on the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and the Health Mate app will automatically launch.

Measure in progress

Real time

Instant feedback

The app gives you instant color coded feedback based on regulatory recommendations for hypertension.

Your history, on wrist

Because tracking over time helps you better understand heart health, the Withings Health app creates an easy-to-understand chart.

Sleep duration

Cycle variation: Deep, Light and REM


Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically. With your history available 24/7, you can see what works and stay focused.