A security camera and a baby monitor. Be home from anywhere


Don't miss anything, ever.

Streaming live view from your phone and smart watch.

Last few hours Timeline of events

Travel through time and see what’s happening and what happened up to 30 days ago.

Last 48 hours Timelapse animations

Watch, download & share HD videos

Baby monitoring mode & push-to-talk

Live two-way talk at any time.

Lulla Light & Music programs

Control music paired with customized LED light sequences to entertain and smooth your baby, especially when used as part of a bedtime routine.

Air quality

Home tracks and notifies you if it senses dangerous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Home watch

Browse detailed events like movements, noise and air quality.

Time for some action

Sometimes, hands are busy and holding a phone becomes a mess.

Pocket graph

At home, don't miss any air quality alert, even when your phone is hiding somewhere.

Quick controls

Change camera recording state in a glimpse.